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Diary of an Event Consultancy Start Up

Week Two

Securing a mentor seems like a useful idea but I have been too busy dealing with the logistics of setting up GMG Network to give it serious thought. It's an un ticked job on the to-do list. I'm feeling positive. The business cards (square with rounded corners) have arrived. My phone rings when people call. I have vision, an exciting concept and a dream of how my company will run. I'm not sure I want advice. What if I don't like what I hear? I don't want my bubble burst. Subconsciously I choose people to talk business with carefully, hand picking those who I know will congratulate me, buy me a coffee and steer clear of those 'difficult' questions. Although difficult questions lurk in the shadows, keeping me awake at night:

Why do so many people from Austin, Texas, follow me on Twitter?

Why are so many more suppliers connecting with me on Linked In as opposed to clients?

Is cold calling really a necessity?

I spot an opportunity. A business coach is running a seminar, free of charge, thanks to my business bank account. Free is appealing. I'm a little (only a little) concerned it will be a waste of a day when I could be cold calling. So I attend. There will be free coffee.

It sounds pretentious, perhaps a little 'across the pond', but I see the light! I am bombarded with challenging questions, get down to the nitty gritty of marketing, refocus my USP. We go through the logistics of setting up so that I can sleep at night, knowing I'm not inadvertently breaking the law, by running my own business without the correct pieces of paper.

I leave feeling energised, enthused, ready for world domination! Another bonus - the seminar was held in a managed building and I've also found a potential office space. I may not have spoken with clients, booked meetings or drawn up proposals today but this small step, gleaning the pearls of wisdom from an experienced and objective mind, feels like a giant leap towards my goal of running a successful business.