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Diary of an Event Consultancy Start Up

Week Three

Starting your own business is a costly exercise, full of nasty expensive surprises, so finding things for free has become a key focus. I'm not just talking about weekends. I've never really been a bargain hunter, have always been gainfully employed, so finding ways to meet people 'cost free' becomes a new area of expertise to refine. I need to be careful. And creative. Meeting a client for a coffee and asking them to pay is not the answer.

As luck would have it, Square Meal's Venues & Events Live is on this week. Perfect. Old Billingsgate will be jam packed with top venues and event suppliers from London and around the UK. I can get my name around, give out some of my custom made business cards and leave a lasting impression of GMG Network.

I arrive early and there is already a hustle and bustle about the place. I relish the opportunity, introducing myself to everyone, attend some bitesize seminars, covering all the hottest event industry topics and bump in to some friendly faces. The business cards are a hit! Maybe those wasted hours in Week One were worth it after all. It does feel different being here as my own advocate. There is a spring in my step as I tell people about my new venture. Networking has certainly taken on a new meaning. I'm here as a Director of a new, exciting company, slick, professional….

Suddenly I feel like Burglar Bill – Popcorn? I'll have that. A glass of prosecco? I'll have that. Chocolate. Salted caramel cake. Macaroon. No need to buy coffee - the Guoman Tower have an espresso machine. It's my first day in town without a packed lunch.

I arrive home, one bag laden with business cards, leaflets and brochures on pretty much every venue in London. But in the other bag…….I have a USB skateboard, a cuddly E-Coli and a lego keyring to name a few.

Starting your own business is a costly exercise, but now and again there are a few pleasant surprises and some freebies along the way.