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Diary of an Event Consultancy Start Up

Week Four

I have always been a people person. I like talking to people, listening to people, working with people. One of the reasons I felt I could take this giant leap into the unknown abyss of starting a business, was my confidence in my relationships with people.

I have a simple and unorthodox approach with a few key strands.

Strand 1 - I am an avid follower of news. Be it national, international or sport. This can prove useful when working with key financial institutions and global brands. I can always make a comment. However, I have come to find that it is the obscure, somewhat irrelevant pieces my memory extracts from our country's broadsheets or 5 Live that give such entertainment and amusement to clients. I'll give an example. I once read about The Cooper's Hill Cheese Hurling Contest. It involves up to twenty competitors chasing a large, not quite round wheel of double gloucester down a hill. The winner is the person who catches the cheese, which amazingly can reach speeds in excess of seventy miles an hour.

Strand 2 – I like to share my expert knowledge of all genres of music with my clients. Not only do I spend every spare minute of my time aspiring to be the next Joe Bonnamassa, strumming one of my five guitars, ukele, mandolin or banjo, but I pride myself on my extremely diverse CD collection, alongside my developing stack of vinyl. Think John Cusack in 'High Fidelity'. One of my clients wants some music for a sting at the start of their event. Off I go to my enormous collection. I ponder. With great care, I select a winner – 'No Rain' by Blind Melon. Perfect. Not only does my client have uplifting sounds to send their delegates on their way, but they want to hear more of this music. I start on the modern mix tape – the client playlist.

Strand 3 – Maintaining an infectious 'spotting' hobby, a bit like train spotting but a little more rock and roll. For example, I spent a good couple of years sharing my observation that one couldn't drive on a motorway in this country without seeing a DHL lorry. This started a new craze. Clients were counting how many DHL vehicles were on the road as they travelled to events up and down the British Isles and even Europe. We had lengthy chats around this topic, even when there wasn't an event to talk about. I didn't mind. I was genuinely interested in how many lorries had been spotted.

I had a cheeky surprise this week. A jiffy bag found its way through the letter box with my name on it. Unassumingly, I opened the package to find one of the most thoughtful and witty presents I had ever received. A framed cover from an international magazine with a photograph of my head super imposed and some very witty remarks about my character and approach to business. It was a thank you present. From a previous client. My approach to people and business may be a little far-out, not everyone's cup of tea, but hey – it seems to work for me.