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Shaken not stirred

Some of our clients (and potential clients) will hopefully have noticed something drop through the door this week. No, it wasn't a nasty Halloween trick from some errant hoodlums, it was something from us instead. Specifically a cocktail recipe. We love our coffee here at GMG Network and thought we'd share one of its lesser known applications with some people who we thought might appreciate it. It's wicked tasty, and if anyone ends up trying it out then make sure you let us know how it goes! Or if you didn't get one in the post, feel free to ask us for a copy.

Of course, cocktails on the face of it have very little to do with event consultancy, but as we touched on in last week's post, everybody loves getting something for nothing. On the flipside, not everyone might be into cocktails, realistically a proportion of any mail-out will go straight in the bin. But hey, that's not going to deter us. Consultancy is all about building relationships and imparting knowledge, so we've tried to combine both in the same gesture.

It's no secret that whilst our team has decades of experience, GMG Network itself is a relatively new venture (week 8!), which is why we regularly attend sessions and seminars aimed at helping go-getter young businesses like ours (take Kent2020 for example). Not all of it can be taken as gospel of course, but things like being honest with people, treating clients well, constantly exploring new creative ways to reach out to peopleā€¦can all go a long way towards ensuring people remember your name. And with something as simple as a cocktail recipe, that's exactly what we've tried to do this week.
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Written by: Jayne McFahn