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Putting ourselves in your shoes

We talk a lot about how passionate we are about events. As recently as last week we told you that job satisfaction makes our job glamorous. Part of our passion for events means that not only do we focus on organising events for our clients but we also make sure we attend events regularly – sometimes its to make sure we're up-to-date on current technology and event trends, sometimes it's a networking opportunity to increase our network of both suppliers and clients, and sometimes its for good old fashioned fun.

This week in particular the events industry has been involved in EIBTM (now re-named IBTM World) in Barcelona. Unfortunately we weren't able to attend this year but we know lots of people who did, and we're looking forward to catching up on their highlights in addition to everything we read in the press of course. What is important though is to share these experiences with our clients and to pass on information that they might otherwise not be aware of. And we're all about sharing at GMG, that's part of the philosophy behind our network – sharing knowledge and information to make sure each event is as good as it can be.

In our personal lives we never really switch off either, I went to Taste of London yesterday (as those on Twitter will already have seen no doubt!) and from the moment I arrived, looking a bit like a drowned rat thanks to the pouring rain, it was hard not to look around and think what would I do differently and that's a nice idea, I'll bank that one!

I'm sure that no matter what industry you work in, you find yourself doing the same thing, a publican going for a drink, a lawyer reading a contract, a builder seeing a friends new house for the first time or a chef going out for dinner. Putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients helps us to continue to grow and develop, to always think What can we do to provide a better service? As I said last week to Event Industry News complacency is not a word that features in GMG's vocabulary, so we will continue to put ourselves in your shoes and look at the world of events not only as your event consultants but also through the eyes of those that attend.