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Planning Ahead

As you are reading this you are no doubt yourselves planning ahead, be that for Christmas in three days time, for New Year's Eve next week or for next year and all those resolutions you are going to make (and maybe even keep one or two this time!)

GMG too the last couple of weeks have been a time for planning and reflection.

Planning Ahead.jpeg
As our regular readers know these posts started out as a diary of our start-up; now almost four months later they are more a means of sharing thoughts, advice and information. In fact they will become a means of more in-depth knowledge sharing soon too with an article on Health & Safety just round the corner (watch this space - you'll be pleased you read it, trust me). You have read about our first few weeks, how we got started, the trials of phone companies, cold calling and mail-outs and you have watched us develop; hearing about events, apps and networking to name a few focus areas. We have loved sharing with you and are looking forward to taking you with us into 2015.

And what does 2015 look like for GMG? It looks great! We're working with some fab clients and have some exciting events to look forward to. Not to mention a contract overseeing a year's worth of events for a financial services company, producing a series of conferences for an international IT networking company and a big focus on Health & Safety for events (as I said already, watch this space).

Planning comes easy for us really though
, after all that's how good events become great events, through thorough planning and preparation. If we told you we were heading into next year on a wing and prayer then we'd expect you to pull us up and give us a good talking to! But what about you? Is your marketing plan in order? Is your event calendar (at least in part) planned? Do you know what you'll be doing on your first day back in January? No? Why not try an incredibly easy exercise? Take 10 minutes, sit down with a cup of coffee, and write a list planning either your last day at work before Christmas, your first day back afterwards, or even just the following hour after you've read this. Just plan something, write it (yes, the old fashioned way!), and then do it. Trust me; it's amazing how helpful something so simple can actually be!

Write a list.jpeg
(10 minutes later)

Now that that's done, we can wish you a Merry Christmas! Have a great one;
we'll speak to you soon!

Written by: Jayne McFahn