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Time for a Spring clean?

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Spring is definitely in the air, the trees are covered in blossom, the daffodils and tulips are in bloom and the sun is shining. It's the time of year when the people around you seem to brighten, much like the sun. Both at home and at work it's time for a good spring clean before the summer season sets in.

However, this year, with the Election looming, it is felt by many that making plans, which could well be affected by the outcome of the vote, may be a waste of time. Is there any point in making grand plans for your business that could be undone by the policies of the elected party (or more likely, parties)?

I think there is.

I believe that planning is critical to every person and every business, something in-fact, that we have highlighted previously.

As part of our planning, recently I took part in a quarterly business planning day, lead by
KBA and attended by a number of their clients. It was really interesting to see how different business owners approach their planning and what common goals and challenges were shared despite the differing business sectors. We all agreed that the key to a successful business is communication and planning – this of course can be translated into all areas of life and work and the season of new beginnings is a great time to take stock and refocus.

So make your plans, set your targets and communicate with your team on the changes that are ahead. It needn't be a daunting task, not if you have the right support on hand.

Whether it's your website that needs some attention, staff training that needs a boost, investment in new technology, next quarters events that need planning or just a lick of paint to freshen the office (and perhaps cleaning behind the printer, you know it hasn't been done since last spring) take a leaf out of my book and don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call; we will be happy to share our planning skills with you, after all, it's what we do!

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