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The benefits of face-to-face meetings

The benefits of face-to-face meetings.png

We all know that it takes more time and effort to arrange a face-to-face meeting than it does to send an email, arrange a Skype call or pick up the phone.But by reducing person-to-person interaction do we really build the same relationships we used to years ago?

I believe there is real value in making the time for face-to-face meetings. So much can be said for the non-verbal communication in our body language that simply can't be transmitted via email, phone or video.There's also the small talk on the way to and from the meeting room that can prove invaluable at a later stage when you remember to ask how the holiday was/home improvements are getting on/children did in the play etc…

By stepping away from your desk (and that never ending to-do list) you ensure real focus on the matter at hand.Everyone at the meeting has made time in his or her schedule to really engage and that is priceless.

Having a conversation over the phone just doesn't have the same impact; there are always distractions, be it the conversation going on behind you at the photocopier, the phones ringing or your email pinging in front of you.If you don't step away every now and then, how can you really give your undivided attention?

And if you're not meeting in person then who's providing the biscuits?

Ensuring the personal touch is a big part of how I always strive to work and the wider GMG philosophy.As everything around us speeds up, it's important to make time for each other.And I know my clients value it, because they tell me so.

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