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How to organise an awards show on a budget

Not everyone has an endless budget to host an awards show; but that doesn't mean the look and feel should suffer. We have decided to share some advice on ways to enhance an awards evening without breaking the budget.

Venue selection

Look for venues that include elements of AV within the room hire. Some venues (Grange St Pauls, 8 Northumberland or Lancaster London as a few London examples) include their room lighting within the hire and this can be controlled by your AV team to give colour chases around the room or across the ceiling adding drama and movement for a minimal cost.

Good lighting can really make an awards ceremony, even just a few moving lights and some haze will give a much greater impact both on entry to the room and also as winners are announced.

Voice of God

A live VOG will not only provide announcements throughout the evening, but they can interact with the host and give a more dynamic feel to the event.Not only that, but if you have a rowdy crowd they can help the host to keep control of the room.

Sponsors are a valuable commodity at any event; but think outside the box with an awards evening. Want those table centres that are out of your budget?Consider getting a sponsor to cover that particular element of the room dressing – you can add their logo discreetly to the table centre in addition to thanking them in the usual way in your programmes/website. The same goes for the drinks reception and set & stage, plus even a highlight video could be sponsored – just add a thank you to the closing credits - what better way to publicise the event for the following year than with a highlight video of the previous successful event?

What is important though, is to make sure you get the basics right in the first place.
- A venue with good access, staff and catering
- A date that doesn't clash with another event in your industry (or bank holidays / major sporting events)
- A really good sound system – if people can't hear they will immediately disengage
- Clear on-screen content
- Concise scripting for the host and presenters

Of course, it goes without saying that working with a professional event manager will save you not only money but also time and stress. So why not take these tips on board as a guide and give us a call to discuss your event in more detail.

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