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Event Management

Event Management means different things to different people. To some it means being on-site at an event to ensure it runs smoothly, whilst to others it is the background work that goes into planning an event before handing over to an on-site team.

To GMG, Event Management includes the key areas listed below and we can help you with one or all of these elements on an event-by-event basis.
  • Venue and supplier negotiations
  • Health & Safety
  • On-site Event Management
  • Event Production
  • Event concept & design
  • Set & stage design
  • Technical production & management
  • Equipment sourcing/supply
  • Personnel sourcing/management
  • Content design & creation
  • Filming & camera shoots
  • Stage management, show calling & event producing
  • Event apps & registration
  • Delegate & speaker management
  • Post-event evaluation